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What's a Snow Puffy?

We had the pleasure of meeting many new customers at the 4th Annual "Taste of Waialua".  It was great seeing all of you!  There were many questions about our Snow Puffies so, we decided to post some information to answer the question "What is a Snow Puffy?":


The Snow Puffy is an original Paalaa Kai Bakery creation.  It is a dessert which is served cold.  The outer crust of our Snow Puffy is flaky and has a wonderful butter accent to it.  The inside of our Snow Puffies are filled to the max with cold, creamy custard.  Each Snow Puffy is topped off with swirls of chocolate fudge and powdered sugar.


Our Snow Puffies sell out fast so it's best for you to call a day ahead to place an order.  You can reach our bakery at 637-9795

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